Introducing: The Olsson Precision Nozzle

Stockholm 071021

We proudly introduce the newest product from The Olsson Line – The Olsson Precision Nozzle, a NEDOX® coated non-stick brass nozzle designed for printing with PETG and other sticky materials. What the Olsson Precision Nozzle offers besides excellent precision is a less messy printing process, superior polymer flow, high manufacturing quality and a longer lasting nozzle.

The ambition that gave rise to the Olsson Precision Nozzle was to resolve common issues and create an improved user’s printing experience. With molten filament having the tendency of sticking to the hotend itself, the solution was an optimized nozzle geometry and an application of NEDOX®, an innovatively engineered non-stick coating. By covering the nozzle with this hybrid nickel layer, the risk of jamming and clogging is reduced to a minimum. Molten polymers adhere less and don't stick as hard, which makes the nozzle easy to clean. 

What characterizes the Olsson Precision Nozzle is the great balance of properties. As well as the NEDOX® coating reducing the risk of clogging, the nozzle performs exceptionally well at higher temperatures up to 300 °C. The hybrid nickel coating prevents the nozzle from corroding, thus maintaining a smooth surface finish allowing first-rate precision when printing. This also means a longer lasting nozzle. The high microhardness (750HV) achieved by the coating keeps the roundness and diameter of the orifice intact for longer, in comparison to an uncoated nozzle. 

The design of the Olsson Precision Nozzle is a result of our substantial experience and extensive testing. It’s machined of SS 5170-04 grade brass in a high-quality ISO-9000 certified facility in Sweden. Its features are manufactured to micron-level tolerances on the highest grade Swiss lathes.

The Olsson Precision Nozzle will be available through 3DVerkstan’s network of global partners and MSRP is $20 / €18 / £18 / 172 SEK. MOQ 10 pcs.

The Olsson Precision Nozzle is ready to ship.

The Olsson Line is the name for the products developed and produced by 3DVerkstan Nordic AB. We are a 3D printing knowledge centre that delivers world-class solutions in close cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and a global network of professional users of 3D printers. Our joint research and development work has led to creations including The Olsson Ruby, The Olsson Block, The Olsson Nozzle Tool and The Olsson Precision Nozzle.